Pure Oasis Massage - Services and Rates - Rockville, MD
Pure Oasis Massage - Infuse your life with peaceful healing!
  Services and Rates
 Investing in massage is an investment in your health, and YOU are worth that investment!!!   

Swedish Massage (60 min.) - $75.00
Swedish Massage ( 90 min.) - $120.00

Deep Tissue Massage (60 min.) - $95.00
Deep Tissue Massage (90 min.) - $150.00

Sports Massage (60 min.) - $120.00
Sports Massage (90 min.) - $180.00

                                      Myofascial Release - will be provided during the massage modality session that you have selected (from the list above); an additional $15 fee for this service will be added to your bill total.
*Payments accepted only via Cash, Check, & Money Orders (Please note that a $40 return fee will be assessed to the client for each time an item is returned to us).  
**Gift certificates are available for purchase.
***Partners of The "V" receive 20% off of individual services (packages not included).
****Military Discount (must show current military ID card to receive this discount)!!!
****All sales are final when purchased!!!  Only massage credits will be issued when incorrect selections are made!!!  So, please review your order carefully for accuracy to ensure that you have selected the correctly coded service(s) prior to submitting your order for purchase!!!
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